CollectText is a Multilingual Translation Service Provider
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About Us

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Our Philosophy

Our language practices help your business attain an outstanding response from your targeted audience through the development of a powerful brand identity.


Nurture your expectations, promote your actions, and make a long-lasting impact of your business with CollectText. Our language practices help you attain an outstanding response from your targeted audience through a powerful brand identity. At CollectText we let you narrow your challenges into actionable strategies. Our focus is on making your ideas speak flawlessly across different mediums through the creation of a seamless platform for language translation. The idea for creating such a platform came into existence by perfectly blending clarity and focusing on the particularities of each domain.


CollectText will allow your venture to better communicate through multiple languages. We believe in facilitating your needs through prompt and reasonable language translation services. We adhere to high-quality standards and guarantee customer satisfaction of our work. With years experience and untold successes Collect Text has become capable enough to collaborate with many industries in many service areas and strive to get the job done promptly.


CollectText takes pride in helping your business spread its wings with respect to website localization and language translation services. Through our language services, you will experience high-class and sophisticated services. From technical to legal work, marketing to website localization, Collect Text offers an array of services.

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About One

CollectText employs a team of competent professionals doing their absolute best to utilize their experience to your ultimate benefit. Our team is available 24/7 to address your needs as they arise. Out team of experts is comprised of translators, linguists, quality assurance analysts, proofreaders, DTP operators, and web developers.

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About Two

Our aim to provide you with perfection led us to employ native translators in order to guarantee the accuracy of the translated content. We have a strict policy of monitoring content execution and each of our translators undergo a strict screening process in order to maintain our high-quality standards.

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About Three

CollectText understands the particulars of each service area and we only hire certified translators to translate legal documents. Our focus is customer satisfaction.

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