CollectText | Localization Services
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Localization Services

Best Among Translation and Localization Companies

At CollectText we offer an entire collection of localization services modified to meet your needs as well as localization engineering and website localization. Your program localization projects will be done in-house, we establish a high level of service quality while developing your product’s multi-linguistic usability. Our team is made up of brilliant and highly experienced professional localization experts who are ready to take on any intricate project that comes through our door.

We also offer consulting and training to companies in wanting to understand translation memory systems and introduce them into their business processes. We offer more sophisticated localization engineering services including

  • Source material analysis
  • Product sizing
  • Terminology setup


  • Preparation of source materials for localization
  • Engineering and testing of software/website
  • Extraction of all translatable text from software/website


  • Compilation of the localized resource files into a running application
  • Functionality testing of the localized software or website
  • Final QA


We customize our designs and blueprints to accurately highlight your translated text. Our wish is to give your product the look and feel of having been built specifically for a target market, no matter the linguistics or location.