CollectText | Proofreading Services
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Proofreading Services


Here at Collecttext proofreading is mainly about scouring your text for mistakes, both linguistic and typographical, before presenting your paper to your audience (a teacher, a publisher, etc.). Use our services to discover and repair ordinary mistakes and errors.

Strategies We Use When Proofreading

  • We make sure that we make your work as perfect as it can get – After reading your document, we take our time to check your text and proofread it. This allows us to proofread with fresh eyes.
  • We proofread and amend the text using track changes – To know the error report, our proofread editing the translation by enabling track change mode for transparency what proofreader has edited. One completion of proofreading, we also give a feedback on the quality of translation.
  • We print out a hard copy of your text – Reviewing only from a computer is not a great way to proofread. Reading from paper with a pen in hand will make thorough proofreading much for efficient.
  • We focus more on the content you want – This helps us manage our time and provide the type of service you want.

General Condition While We Proofread

We do not rush when writing and editing, rushing will introduce mistakes. Reading all the text thoroughly and efficiently ensures we spot all errors.

Read your data from the end and read individual sentences at a time, beginning from the end of the paper instead of the beginning. This guarantees that we pay more attention to the wording and sentences themselves rather than to the ideas of the paper as a whole.