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Teaching Services

Official Translation Services

Usually, many overseas language teachers prohibit translation from their classroom. However, it seems that the mindset toward teaching translation alongside verbal communication is changing, and some suggest it is a beneficial tool to help students learn a new language more quickly.
Learners have stated that they find translation beneficial to their education of new languages, which has also been established in experiential research. As most stern educators will tell you, whatever helps a student learn can only be an asset. Education is a very subjective process: What may work for one, may not work for others.Therefore, if a translation can help some students learn more quickly, then surely it should be built-in to course work. It is simply a means to an end. If you ask any translator, they will tell you that there is more to translation than just expressing the meaning of a word.Translation is not merely word meaning, but also culture, as a lot of languages are filled with colloquialisms and idioms that don’t quite translate word for word. A translator also has to be able to understand the “hidden meaning” of words and know how to re-write it in a different language with that culture’s corresponding idiom or expression to keep the same “sense”.