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Transcription Services

Transcription Services Online

CollectText are experts in converting audio or video files that you need to interpret. Only the best transcript experts are hired for your work, as we believe in quality and providing accurate work.We offer quick turnaround for the audio and video you need transcripted. It will be fast, accurate and professionally reviewed with 99.9% efficiency for a low per minute rate.

CollectText can offer further services for your other interpreting projects as well. Good care is taken by our team to determine the source speaker when your file has more than one speaker. We also offer time stamping in our transcripts. Just mention your needs, these services are available upon request!CollectText can develop transcripts from nearly any audio or video file.

Once our project manager at CollectText receives your data, they will take a close look at any other needed details and once all questions are answered by you then your project will be assigned to a highly-skilled competent auditor. Once the process of translating is completed then the text will be sent to you VIA email.We assure you that your project will be completed with high accuracy and quickness. We have the best people in this business, and you can rely on us for complete satisfaction.