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Typesetting Services

Amongst the Top Typesetting Companies

One of our greatest strengths is in our DTP division with its unsurpassed capacity and staff, comprised of a team of knowledgeable and skilled DTP specialist offering total desktop publishing, printing and typesetting maintenance.

CollectText offers specialized typesetting services to maintain writing needs for clients from varying industries, including.

  • Medical Documentation
  • Legal Documentation
  • Automotive Documentation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Scientific Documentation
  • Marketing Documentation

We use numerous applications also used by our clients, including.

  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Framemaker

For a full list, visit our DTP tools section.

What is typesetting?

Typesetting is utilized for recovery of letters, fonts or glyphs with the order and publication refering to a language’s orthography for image display.
Typesetting is a service used by publishers of both electronic and print media. Typesetting is particularly necessary during DTP processes of when new languages insist on using fonts suitable to native alphabets.
During text translations, the correct fonts are not always shared worldwide. In this case, typesetting services are used to make sure that your content and your use of fonts is accurate, regardless of language.

Professional Typesetting Services from CollectText Translations


Arrange high quality typesetting services from CollectText and rest guaranteed that your certification will be ready according to require alphabetical and language rules send-off you free to publish it in numerous languages.